Spreading Love and Sweetness: The Story Behind Ada & Lo

Meet Carol Worsham, a proud native of Lexington, Kentucky, who has always dreamed of sharing her love for her city and all the things she cherishes with its residents. With a flourishing family of her own, including three beautiful children and the joy of being a grandmother to five little ones, Carol's life is filled with love and blessings. Married for over 35 years, she has found strength and inspiration in her family's bond. Now, Carol is turning her dreams into reality through her venture, Ada & Lo, a heartfelt gift boutique that aims to bring a touch of sweetness to every home and the lives of loved ones.

A Meaningful Namesake: The name Ada & Lo holds deep significance for Carol. It pays homage to both her mother, Lorraine, and her husband's mother, Ada. These remarkable women have left lasting impressions on Carol's life, shaping her into the person she is today. By naming her store after them, Carol ensures that their legacies live on, becoming an integral part of her entrepreneurial journey.

Adding Sweetness to Homes and Hearts: Ada & Lo is more than just a gift boutique; it is a labor of love and a way for Carol to spread joy and sweetness to others. Every carefully selected item in the store is chosen with the intention of bringing smiles, warmth, and comfort to those who purchase them. From delightful home decor pieces to charming gifts, Ada & Lo offers a range of products that embody the essence of love, happiness, and heartfelt connections.

Creating Lasting Memories: Carol's ultimate desire is for every customer to experience the unique joy that comes from adding a touch of sweetness to their homes and the lives of their loved ones. Whether it's finding the perfect gift for a special occasion, decorating a space with love, or simply indulging in something delightful, Ada & Lo strives to make every interaction a memorable one. With each purchase, customers are invited to be part of a community that values love, family, and the beauty of heartfelt gestures.

Join the Sweet Journey: If you're seeking to infuse your surroundings with sweetness or searching for a meaningful gift, Ada & Lo is here to accompany you on this enchanting journey. Explore the carefully curated selection of products and discover the perfect piece that resonates with your heart. Embrace the opportunity to make every moment a little sweeter, as Carol's dream of sharing her love and passions with her beloved city becomes a reality through Ada & Lo.

Through Ada & Lo, Carol Worsham is turning her lifelong dream into a beautiful reality. By sharing her love for Lexington and the things she holds dear, Carol aims to bring joy, warmth, and sweetness into the lives of others with her gift boutique. With her family's inspiration and a desire to create lasting memories, she invites everyone to join her on this heartfelt journey. As you explore the offerings of Ada & Lo, may you find the perfect touch of sweetness to adorn your home and share with your loved ones.